I gave away some more hats today! Two little babies went home with soft hand-knitted hats on their little heads with moms that were so thankful! Today I started in maternity and saw a mom give birth to a healthy baby boy. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about being an ob-gyn, I think I’ll stick to orthopedics or pediatrics 🙂


After we decided to check minor out and I got to dress my third wound! The man had broken his thumb and there was a big gash that needed to be cleaned and redressed. Honestly I cant get the picture of all the pus that squirted out of it out of my head. The old bandage was stuck to the healing wound so when I finally wiggled it off the fluid just drained out of the open sore. After I thoroughly cleaned it out I was a little puzzled by the fact that I could see a white in a place white shouldn’t be… It wasn’t an infection, it was his bone! He pulled his x-ray out from behind him and the top joint of his thumb was in the completely wrong place! All his book said was to redress it, so we had to send the man away even though he clearly needed his finger reset! Couldn’t even believe it! When a couple of us were waiting for the next patient to come in, Jeff came in from one of the rooms and told us we had to see the sore that just came in. We walked into the already crowded room and were completely caught off guard by what we were witnessing. The man had three open sore on his foot nearly four inches wide and almost a centimeter deep. It was unreal! (sorry for the nasty picture.. It was just too interesting not to share!) This poor man, this may not ever heal, and the amount of daily care and redressing may not be affordable. He must of waited weeks before he came in to see a doctor finally, we were all asking ourselves why did he wait so long?


I ran out of internet minutes right in the middle of yesterdays post so I couldn’t finish it! So today is a continuation of yesterday too! Instead of going to the hospital a small group of us went along with Joel to help with the remodeling of the school and orphanage that he is fundraising for. Joel is a Med student from the UK that is here participating in Elective Africa. He started raising money for the Rebbey Junior School (the one we visited early last week). The money will go towards putting cement on the walls, paint, school supplies and food for the orphans. Heres the link to his efforts:


Today we purchased the paint and began priming the concrete on the walls, the plan is to also paint the alphabet on the wall with fun pictures also (super excited about that part)


Tomorrow we are wrapping up at the hospital and heading to old town to do some good ol souvenir shopping! Cannot believe we only have two days left in Kenya! Its a bittersweet feeling to be going home, this has been quite the experience!